Concert Funds – A Symphony of Investments

Primerica Concert™ Allocation Series of Funds (Concert Funds) is an actively managed solution designed to help Canadian families reach their financial goals through all market environments. The Concert Funds are designed to provide a simple way to have all your assets working together — in a plan that suits your personal situation. The Concert Funds consist of six different Concert Funds of professionally managed mutual funds. Each Concert Fund invests in a number of carefully selected mutual funds which encompass a variety of investments, market sectors, and management styles. PFSL Fund Management Ltd.("PFSL") is the investment manager for the Concert Funds. PFSL manages the overall day-to-day affairs and operations, provides administrative services and is responsible for all investment decisions for the Concert Funds.

LifeWorks Investment Management Ltd. (LifeWorks), has established the investment strategies for each Concert Fund and makes recommendations to us on the specific underlying funds to be invested in by each Concert Fund. The Concert Funds are actively managed, with LifeWorks providing ongoing oversight and recommendations.

The underlying mutual funds in which the Concert Funds invest are currently selected from AGF Group of Funds, managed by leading Canadian investment firm, AGF Investments Inc. ("AGF"). AGF is also responsible for advising on daily trades required to implement the specific underlying fund recommendations of LifeWorks in respect of each Concert Fund as approved by PFSL.

Key Benefits

Asset Allocation

Neutral and underlying fund allocations are regularly reviewed to capitalize on tactical and strategic opportunities while meeting the Concert Funds' objectives.


Enhanced level of diversification and exposure to global investments reduces volatility and eliminates home-country bias.


Underlying AGF Funds are actively managed by seasoned investment teams who follow disciplined processes to deliver consistent, repeatable results.


Independent, third party oversight by LifeWorks Investment Management Ltd. (LifeWorks) minimizes portfolio and market risk.

The Value of Being Invested in Concert Funds

  • Can serve as a core portfolio holding or for added global or income exposure
  • Automatic rebalancing takes the guess work out of when, where and to what degree to invest
  • Underlying funds and asset mixes are flexible to change with the environment outlook
  • Reduces suitability issues by matching one portfolio to an investor's time horizon and risk tolerance
  • Efficient KYC updates with Canada Securities TurboApps