Risk Management

TELUS Heath Investment Management ("THIM") helps clients like pension plan sponsors with new investment approaches, asset allocation strategies and achieving targeted investment outcomes.

As Portfolio Advisor of Concert Funds, investors benefit from LifeWorks disciplined, institutional-style approach with results in more consistent performance and long-term growth. As a part of their role, LifeWorks provides guidance to Primerica on:

  • Overall asset allocation strategy for each Concert Fund
  • Investment reviews and recommendations of the underlying funds
  • Rebalance tactics to ensure optimum diversification, reduce unintended risk exposure and optimize fund returns.

Key Benefits


  • Annually forecast expectations for asset classes based on proprietary research.
  • Includes a 'base' forecast along with optimistic and pessimistic scenarios.

Investment Mix

  • Utilize an optimization Model based on forecasted scenarios to create the investment mix of each Concert Fund - how much of the portfolio should be allocated to Canadian Equities vs. global equities, etc.


  • Review and screen eligible AGF funds to determine which are best suited to include within the portfolios using numerous quantitative methods.
  • Additional various qualitative factors are considered, including the fund's portfolio management team and investment philosophy, as well as their process to access their ability to perform.

Review and

  • Review the performance risks among Concert Funds, diversification across geographies, sectors, styles, and market capitalization.